Cadet Corps
The GSTS Cadet Corps is the oldest in the country. It prepares youngsters for leadership roles at school and in the wider world. Although it is fashioned after the military, cadets are civilians and not expected to join the Armed Forces and they are not part of the Armed Forces. It is youth club that instills leadership, teamwork, confidence, self-reliance and respect in its members.

Head Of State Awards (HOSA)
Members of this club contribute to the neatness and tidiness of our immediate surroundings as well as embark on educational trips and excursions

Junior Achievers Club
It is a business organization run by students on campus with the sole aim of producing quality school merchandise such as bands, dog-tags. These are usually marketed and sold to the general student population.

Martial Arts Club
It is an exercise and discipline club. Although there are many forms, G.S.T.S partake in Taekwando. The club has taken part in many competition and won medals and are still looking forward to win more medals.

National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE)
A Club that educate students about their civic duties, rights and the Constitution.

Oil & Gas Club
The school oil and gas club was established by some companies in oil and gas sector mainly for schools in Western Region. The club is aimed at educating students on the processes involved in the exploitation of oil as well as about some career opportunities in the field.

Red Cross
Students in this club are trained in first aid. They respond to injured students especially during sporting activities.

Child Right Club
It is a club that create awareness about human (child) right abuse worldwide for children below 18 years. Magazines are distributed to members to enlighten them about the human rights issues

Regimental Band
The regimental band is a marching band that usually performs during school events such as at Speech and Prize Giving Days. They also play on Independence day parade.

Robotic (Science & Tech) Club
The recently formed Robotic Club is made up of students interested in robotics and computer programming. Since its inception, it has been involved in National Tournaments. Although, robotics is new in Ghana, the GSTS team is hoping to be able to participate in international tournaments in the very near future.

School Choir
The School Choir is a non-denominational boys’ choir and the official choir of the School. They perform at church services, and at special events like Speech and Prize Giving Days, Carol Nights and at various singing competitions.

Writers, Debators & Drama Club
Members of this club learn to develop their ability to undertake research into issues and train themselves in making convincing speeches through debates and write articles on topics

Religious And Denominational Associations

Apostolic Students Association (APOSA)
Member of this chapter, belong to the Apostolic Church. The main aim of APOSA is to build students up morally.

Assemblies Of God Church Members (AGCM)
A student denomination group that seeks to reach the unreached and to improve the moral lives of students

Catholic Students Union (CATHSU)
This is a Chapter of the Catholic Students Union. This chapter at GSTS allows students to grow in the Catholic faith and traditions.

Ghana Methodist Students Union (GHAMSU)
The GSTS chapter of the Methodist students Union, It main aim is to raise up Christ minded people who are ready to battle for the salvation of souls in this end time through the studying, communion and sharing the word of God.

Ghana Muslim Students Associaton (GMSA)
This association seeks to allow Muslim students at GSTS the opportunity to practice their faith, share their knowledge in Islam.

National Presbyterian Students Of Ghana (NUPSG)
A students’ union that brings Presbyterian students on campus together to impact in them the norms and values of the Presbyterian church of Ghana and also help build a strong relationship with God.

Pentecost Students Association (PENSA)
They represent their mother church, The Church of Pentecost on campus. They seek to it that the Pentecostal fire in them always work actively without quenching. They also teach the word of God to impact in them the fear of God and serve Him in these last days.

Scripture Union
A very popular group at GSTS; it is a non-denominational group on campus who have as its main to win souls for Christ and to spread the good message of Christ

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA)
This students SDA chapter that seeks to impart moral values, fear of God and teach the students to become well-disciplined and responsible after school, useful to the society and the nation as a whole.

Leadership International
It is a Christian non-denominational club founded by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills with the aim of instilling both Christian and secular leadership principles in members.