Past Projects

GSTS Robotics Team


GAA-North America joined the entire alumni body in sponsoring the GSTS Robotics Teams preparation, qualification and trip to the United States to participate in the 2018 ROBOFEST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Competition. GSTS North America Made a donation of about


Computer Room Re-Configuration (2017)

Recognizing the importance of computer literacy to our current students, GSTS North America donated money to help reconfigure lab space for a new computer lab project almost exclusively funded and donated to the school by Giant Kwesi Abbiw’91. GSTS North America made a donation of


Fumigation 2016

Due to over-admission and overcrowding, GSTS has in recent times been infested with bedbugs. The GSTS Alumni Association of North America joined our brother Giants around the world to rid the Campus of these blood sucking creatures. So far, GSTS-NA has donated approximately



Over the last 4 years, Ghana has suffered perennial power cuts throughout the country. This has obviously affected academic work since students cannot study at night. GSTS North America joined our fellow GIANTS around the world to purchase a generator by making $5000.00 contribution. This new generator is capable of lighting the whole school when power goes off on campus.

Educational Material

Books and other educational materials (2014)

Through the efforts of our Members Giant Phanuel Markin, the New York Public School System donated to us a container full of books and supplies worth about $250,000.00. GSTS North America shipped these items to the school at a cost of about $8,000.00. As a result of the Library Project, the GSTS library is now very well stocked.

GSTS Library Project

Library project (2012)

In 2012, it came to the notice of GSTS North America that the School’s library was in shambles. The School’s library had no books or furniture. A Library Project was launched by members of GSTS North America; the result was several books donated, collected, 10 new computers and 100 new chairs purchased and shipped to GSTS Ghana the cost of about.$10,000

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment (2010)

Sports play an important part in the daily lives of students at GSTS. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding student have not been able to fully enjoy the thrills of sport. To help address, this GSTS North America made a donation of sports equipment worth about $2500.00 to the school.$2,500

Metal gate

Metal gate (2010)

In 2010, GSTS North America made a donation of $2000.00 towards the replacement of the School’s old gate. $2,000

centenary celebrations

Centenary celebration (2009)

In addition to contributing to the Centenary Building, GSTS North America made a donation of $5,000.00 towards the anniversary celebrations.$5,000

GSTS Centenary Roof

Centenary building roof (2009)

As part of the Centenary Celebration GSTS North America donated $15,000.00 towards the roofing of the Centenary Building. The Building which was finally completed in 2015 houses new classrooms, a new library and the School administration.$15,000

Cadet Corps Boots

Cadet Corp Boots (2009)

The School’s Cadet Corp (Junior ROTC) is one of the remarkable student clubs at GSTS. Anyone who knows GSTS would tell you the Cadet Corp is the most disciplined and the finest you would find in Ghana. Founded in 1954, the GSTS Cadet Corp is the oldest Cadet Corp in Ghana. It is not therefore surprising that GSTS has produced some of the finest military officers in the history of the Ghana Armed Forces. GSTS North America donated uniforms and boots to the Cadet Corp to mark the 100 Centenary Celebration of the School in 2009.$1,500

Airforce Cadet Uniforms

Dining Hall Roof

Guidance And Counseling Office