Current Projects


Equip Alumni Office

Due to years of neglect, lack of funding and overcrowding at GSTS, its basic infrastructure has crumbled over the years. Living and learning conditions for students are unacceptable. The enormity of these problems is such that GSTS North America cannot do it alone so we have decided to help mobilize all GSTS alumni (Giants) to come together and tackle these very pressing issues. One way to do this is to help establish an Alumni Office on campus to coordinate projects at the School and serve as a central place for all Alumni wanting to help rebuild our school. The Headmaster of GSTS has generously given us a one room space on campus to use as an office. GSTS North America is therefore helping to establish and equip the Alumni Office on Campus to help coordinate our projects and bring all Giants together for this worthy cause of educating young ones for the future.


GSTS Sanitation

The Sanitation Project

One of the areas that has been heavily hit in terms of crumbling infrastructure is the sanitary condition at GSTS. Almost all the toilets and bathrooms in the school need major work. With some of these facilities, the best option is to tear down the original structures. Some of these facilities have been around for more than 70 years without any major renovations. Due to the health implications GSTS North America has decided that the rebuilding of the sanitation infrastructure at the school as one of its priorities. Drawings and estimates are currently being done, to determine the nature and exact cost of this project. A major capital campaign is to be launched so that all friends of GSTS, its alumni and anyone interested in the welfare of our students can help us restore these bathrooms and toilets to acceptable conditions.