Articles of Incorporation

IRS Exempt Document

GSTS Constitution

The beginning of GSTS Alumni Association North America can be traced to a normal telephone conversation between two old friends Giant Daniel Sam ’81 and Giant Ishmael Abeiku Acquah ’81 in 2007. According to Giant Acquah, he and Giant Sam wondered why a great school like GSTS did not have any Alumni group in the US like other Schools from Ghana. They decided to call their friend Giant Tony Ashon ’81 that weekend and he immediately thought it was a wonderful idea. From that point on they started brainstorming and agreed to meet in Maryland for the first convention of the Association. None of the original organizers of this Association lived in Maryland but it was chosen because of its geographical location.

On August 18th 2007, 10 Giants met at Elkridge, Maryland for what would become the first official meeting of the Association. The Giants present were: Anthony Ashon House 1 1976-81, Victor Abbey House 5 1976-81, Tetteh Abbeyquaye House 8 1984-89, Samuel Nketsia-Tabiri House 8 1977-82, Emmanuel Kofi Arthur House 2 1976-81, Mickey Dawson-Annan (OT) House 6 1974-79, Daniel Sam House 4 1976-81, Emmanuel (Lee) Idun House 8 1975-82, Ishmael Acquah House 5 1975-81, John Baidoo House 3 1975-81

The first agenda centered on a draft constitution. Giant Micky Dawson-Annan (OT) suggested that the Draft constitution be adopted as an Interim Constitution until the group met again and this was agreed to unanimously. To get the Association up and running some members present were given various assignments. Giant Acquah was tasked to get the Association incorporated as a Non-profit organization and open a bank account in the association’s name. Giant Tony Ashon was tasked to develop a website. An annuals dues of $100.00 was decided and interim executives were elected. The following Giants were elected for the following offices: Interim President: Giant Emmanuel (Lee) Idun, Interim Vice-President Giant Daniel Sam, Interim General Secretary Giant Anthony Ashon, Interim Deputy General Secretary, Giant Tetteh Abbeyquaye, Interim Treasurer: Giant Ishmael Acquah, Interim Conference Coordinator: Giant Emmanuel Kofi Arthur.

For the Interim Board of Trustees: the following were elected; Giant Mickey Dawson-Annan (OT), Giant Victor Abbey, Giant John Baidoo, Giant Samuel Nketsia-Tabiri. Other than organizational structure of the Association other discussion on the upcoming Centenary were discussed and the next meeting Convention scheduled for the 2nd week of August, 2008 in New Jersey. The highlight of the day was a group picture in a custom-made T-shirt designed by Giant Joseph Assifuah of House 1; 1976-83 who could not make it himself for the meeting.

On 29th October, 2007, the Association formally received it Letters of Incorporation from the State of Florida. It also hit another milestone by being recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt non-profit organization on June 20th 2008.

Since it humble beginning, GSTS Alumni Association of North America has seen extraordinary growth. It now boast of more than 200 registered members from almost all States in the US and in Canada. It has held Annual Conventions each year and has lived to its founding mission of helping the alma mater GSTS by funding several programs at the School.