Past Events

GSTS Alumni Association of North America also organizes events to raise funds for our charity work. We also participate officially in formal events at GSTS such as during Speech and Prize Giving Days or other Alumni/School organized events. For example, in 2009 several of our members made the trip to Ghana to officially represent the Association at the Centenary Anniversary.

The highlight of every year is the Annual Convention which are held in various states each year. During this event, members meet in person to make important decisions for the Association. It is also serves a fundraising event as we as an annual Reunion for Giants and their families. Past conventions have taken us to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Kentucky, and Florida.

Click on the links below to see the photo gallery for each convention

1st Annual Convention Maryland 2007

2nd Annual Convention New Jersey 2008

3rd Annual Convention, Maryland, 2009

4th Annual Convention, Worcester, MA 2010

5th Annual Convention, Delaware, 2011

6th Annual Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2012

7th Annual Convention, Maryland 2013

8th Annual Convention, Lexington, Kentucky 2014

9th Annual Convention, Orlando, Florida 2015

10th Annual Convention, Newark, Delaware 2016

11th Annual Convention and 10th Anniversary Celebration

10th Anniversary Brochure

Centenary (100 years) Anniversary Celebration

12th Annual Convention, Newark, New Jersey 2018

13th Annual Convention,Canada- 2019

14th Annual Convention 2020-Virtual-COVID Pandemic

15th Annual Convention 2021-Virtual-COVID Pandemic

16th Annual Convention 2022-Atlanta, Georgia

17th Annual Convention 2023 Hampton Inn & Suites Columbus-Easton Area