Future Projects

Due to the increase in student population at GSTS from about 700 students in the 1990s to the current 2100 students; many facilities at GSTS have to be expanded. Also, already existing structures have to be renovated. In view of these and other problems, GSTS North America would be undertaking with the help of other Giants and friends of GSTS a series of phased projects in the coming years.

GSTS Future Projects

Complete renovation of dormitories, classrooms and Dining and Assembly Halls etc.

Almost all the physical structures at GSTS are in a state of deterioration. A masterplan has been developed by Alumni of the school to systematically restore all the buildings to the rightful state. This project is going to be costly and all help from alumni and friends would be very much appreciated. View pictures below to see some of the buildings to be renovated.


GSTS Laboratories

Laboratory and Workshop Refurbishment

GSTS boast of itself as a school that has produced many scientists and engineers. Our workshops and laboratories are in a deplorable state and like all other things at the school needs an overhauling. See pictures below of the current state of the workshops and laboratories.


GSTS New Buildings

New Building Projects

The almost tripled student population at GSTS requires some expansion of its existing facilities. For example, the School’s Assembly Hall, Dining Hall have to be expanded or rebuilt. New buildings such as an Alumni Mentoring Center, a Multi-purpose Auditorium, a new dormitory and a new Students Center are all being considered for future projects.